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Meyer Meal Maker

A Meyer Meal Maker is a free baby chick from Meyer Hatchery. We are firm believers in the power of community, we want to share in that passion by giving you an opportunity to give back to your own community. With ordering this chick you can raise the chick to laying/butchering age and simply donate the eggs or meat produced from that bird to a local family or charity. You can request a Meyer Meal Maker on each order you place (1 per order).

The Meyer Meal Maker is an unidentified breed, on the morning of the hatch we select female chicks from production varieties as well as meat birds. We will match the type (production breed or meat breed) to the majority requested on your order, so if you've mainly ordered production breeds your Meyer Meal Maker should be a production breed as well.

How can I find out the breed of the Meyer Meal Maker?

We do record what breed we use as our meal maker, simply call or chat in with your hatch date, and we will gladly let you know what breed you may have received. 

How can I add the Meyer Meal Maker to my order?

Good question, we have a Meyer Meal Maker Page that also explains what the Meyer Meal Maker is but you cannot add it to your cart from that page. You'll be given a list of Suggested Items on your way through check out. Be sure to click the check box next to the Meyer Meal Maker.

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