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FAQ: Chicks & Shipping

A Frequently Asked Question: "I'm concerned for the welfare of my chicks in shipping, will they be okay?"

We are also concerned for the well-being of our chicks, not only for their sake but for yours as well. We consider the entire route of their journey, from weather to how many we require as a minimum during certain times of the year. In April-November our minimum is no less than 3 to ship, and in December-March the minimum is no less than 15. We set these minimums for their health and comfort in shipping. During November the minimum to ship may change due to extreme cold. We would certainly give you a call to see if you would like to add to your order, reschedule, or a refund. 

Chicks are delicate but they also have great resilience and the amazing capability to absorb nutrients from incubation after hatching for the duration of shipping. This is a trait instilled in chicks from emergence, as it may take extra time for the mother hen to hatch remaining eggs of the clutch, then once she is no longer bound to hatching she can forage with her young flock. For this reason and with the experience of our shipping specialists: our chicks do well in shipping. As a precaution, as we understand even with the healthiest of chicks, things can happen; we do have a 48 hour livability guarantee. Losses are possible so we do advise you open you box first before opening them with children for that reason as well.

This guarantee covers your chicks during shipping and the time frame of 48 hours begins once you pick them up from your local post office. For more information about our 48 Hour Guarantee, please reference our recommend article.

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