Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener

Have you ever had important errands to run but needed to make arrangements for your chickens to be secured back in their coop by a certain time? Or needed to leave before sun rise and let your chickens out a little too soon? You may have a plan for this already or it's a spontaneous decision making process; either way the Automatic Chicken Door Opener may be a good fit for you. It's easy to install with a few custom setting options to choose from. Once set in place, this Automatic Chicken Door Opener has a light sensor and timer setting that will open and close your flock's chicken coop at just the right time, without you being present.

The manual setting allows just a push of a button the door opens or closes. Another option would be the timed fail-safe mode which allows you to keep your regularly scheduled opening/closing coop time with your flock by setting the time you would like it open and close. Then there is the light sensing feature: with the light sensitivity selected, the coop door will open at dawn and close at dusk. Your chickens work on routine, so why not add a feature to your coop that caters to your schedule as well.
  • Integrated Timer AND Light Sensor
  • Manual Door Over-ride
  • Unique Failsafe Mode
  • Easy to setup with clear instructions
  • Full 2 year warranty (through manufacturer) 
  • Runs on only 4xAA batteries
  • Unlimited Door Height
  • Extra big buttons for ease of use.
  • Does NOT include your coop door! Will work for an established coop or a new build! The heavy duty door opener (the model we offer) will accept a door that does not exceed 4kg (8 pounds).
You can find the user manual attached to this article.



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