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Duckling Care

Duckling Care:
-Once you receive your ducklings be sure to introduce them to their brooder, dip their beaks gently in the water and tip back their bill to cause them to take a drink, they will now know where the water is sourced from.

- Make sure prior to their arrival that you have their brooder ready, (One 240 watt bulb, you can start the temperature at 90F degrees but also gauge their comfort by their positioning)

-If they are huddled too tightly together you would want to lower the light slightly to cause a warmer temperature they should be nicely spaced out from each other but a few can be collected together

-Overall the ducklings should be around the brooder, all eating, drinking, and sleeping.

-Also, Do Not feed them medicated starter as this can cause their death.

- Ducklings can be introduced to water as early as one week of age but you will want to be cautious in how they are introduced. They must be able to walk in and out of the water easily. It's best to supervise their time in the water at first to make sure no accident would occur. Also the water will need to be room temperature and not too cold, they should also be able to get back to the lamp (heat source) quickly enough to rewarm themselves.

- After 7-8 weeks of age they will be fully feathered and would be able to be introduced to their shelter and outside.


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