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Planning Your Visit

We are so excited that you've chosen us to be your poultry and agricultural supplies source. There are many questions we are asked when customers would like to come and pick up chicks or just visit. There are a few important things we would like you to know: First, as much as we would like to offer tours, we do not offer this option for the sake of bio-security. The overall health of our hatchery is based on our bio-security practices and great care we provide our breeders and their offspring. However, we do have an informative video tour of all we do here at the hatchery, so you can get a good view of our operation, provided on the front page of our website.

You can still visit our store and if you would like, you can purchase from our two brooder bins of our assorted chicks. The retail brooder assortment is not identified by breed, but typically has a nice variety of chicks. It is best to give us a call to be sure they would still be available for purchase; due to the fact that in a short period of time one or more customers can purchase what we had available, causing that assortment to be sold out.

If you would like to purchase specific breeds, you'll need to place an order before your visit. We hatch every Monday and pick up on Monday would depend on the time of year you would be placing your order for. Pick up would be the day of they hatch and no later than the next day pick up time frame given.  We provide our special shipping boxes for chicks that are picked up as well.

Picking up Started Pullets? Wonderful, please give us a call, chat, or email if you would have questions about the specific instructions you were given for your special pick up. Don't forget to bring your own transport container.


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