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Cancellation Policy

While we understand schedule conflicts can happen between the time you had originally placed your order and when it is to hatch and ship. So we do allow order cancellation. However, we cannot cancel orders within 2 weeks of your shipment date. This would mean we can cancel the order any time before the 2 weeks before they are to hatch/ship.

Once your order is within the 2 weeks to ship time frame, the order cannot be cancelled but you are able to make changes to the order up to the Business day before the day of the hatch (typically Friday because we hatch on Monday). There is a very small window of time on the day of the hatch where changes can be made to your order, we do not recommend making changes on the day of the hatch due to the fact it may not be possible due to your order being in process or marked as shipped by time you would be able to contact us.

Pick Up Orders if an order is not picked up the total cost for chicks will not be refunded. Again, we have this policy set in place for the benefit of our chicks. Unexpected cancellation of a pick up order cause issues in finding them a home in adequate time. We also offer two days where pick up would be possible, the day of the hatch and no later than the day after.

Things to consider before Cancelling:

Have schedule conflict?
It may be possible to reschedule your order for a near or far off future date, just give us a call, chat, or email and we can double check our availability and move your order.

Can't make it to the Post Office that day?
If you inform your post office someone else will be picking them up in your stead, they will allow someone to pick them up for you. The same goes for pick up orders here at the hatchery, if you call to let us know someone else will be picking them up, we will note your account and allow that person to pick them up for you.

Why is there a 2 Week Cancellation Policy?
This policy was set in place to prevent order abandonment, to allow us adequate time to assign fowl from cancelled orders, a purpose. In cancelling two weeks before the hatch, you would receive a refund if you had paid at the time you placed the order and we can republish their availability. 

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