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48 Hour Guarantee

Our 48 Hour Livability Guarantee:

We guarantee 100% healthy chicks on arrival with excellent livability or your money back / stock replaced. Orders are shipped with up to 4% extra chicks at no extra charge, if available at hatch and will be deducted from the total loss if included. All orders must meet our minimum order quantities, in order to qualify. We will offer a refund, replace stock, or give credit one time toward any bird that had been properly cared for but had died within 48 hours of time of arrival. While we appreciate notification of losses as they happen, we ask that you report your total losses one time, at the end of the 48 hour period. At no time will our guarantee exceed the original purchase price. The 48 hour guarantee does not apply to hatchery pick-up orders.

Please Note: 48 hour guarantee not valid for peafowl. Please inspect at the post office with your Postmaster as a witness if any loss occurs. They are insured and you must file a claim with the Post Office for any shipping losses if you wish to be reimbursed. Meyer Hatchery does not guarantee peafowl in any manner.

While loss is not common, we understand it is a possibility and as a precaution have set in place a 48 hour livability guarantee in place as described above. It would be a full 48 hours for your guarantee meaning if you would receive your chicks on Tuesday you can follow up with us on Thursday (received on Wednesday? Follow up on Friday) and if you would receive them on Thursday your follow up date to let us know of loss would be Saturday. Depending on the time of year we are closed on Saturday, so you can email us or give us a call on Monday.

[Please understand that Monday's are typically a hatch day, so if you would be able to chat with us, it would be a great alternative to calling but you can also email us and expect a response within 24 hours. If you would email us on the weekend you should expect to receive a response on the next business day (Monday). During peak season (January-May) emails have a possibility of being answered within 24-48 hours.]

48 Hour Guarantee Details:
If a loss were to occur we can credit your Meyer Hatchery Account, refund your credit card/send refund check, or place a replacement order for you.

Option Details:
Credit to Meyer Hatchery Account: We can place the cost of the chick that had passed back to your account for future orders. This credit would not be transferable to other accounts but would remain on your account until you would place another order. This credit would be deducted from the total of your newly placed order. It can be applied to future orders you have in place as long as the payment for that particular future order was deferred.

Refund to Credit Card: If your card had been charged within 90 days of placing this order (as it is possible to place orders in advance) we would be able to refund your credit card for the amount of the chick. This can take about 7 business days to process the request on our side and please consider the time it would take your bank to show the refund. 

Refund by Check: If your card was charged past 90 days, we do not have the access to your card in regards to refund. We would however, be able to mail a check for the credit amount that would be due to you. This request can take 5-7 business days to process and then the time it would take to arrive through the U.S. Postal Service Mail.

Replacement: Your other option would be to have the loss replaced, with availability allowing or substitution. We do have a minimum of no less than 3 chicks to ship during April-October and then in November-March the minimum is no less than 15 chicks to ship. We would cover the cost of the replacement loss and their shipping but if you would need to make additions to meet or exceed the minimum you would be responsible for the remaining cost. You must report any loss within 48 hours of receiving your chicks, then you would have 30 days to decide which option you would prefer (Refund, Credit, or Replacement). With replacement you can choose a future date as long as there would be posted availability for that date. 
They should all arrive happy and healthy but if there would be loss again on the replacement order we would not be able to send out new replacement. We have this policy set in place for the well being of our chicks, as there may be a temporary issue in transit or another unknown factor that would cause loss twice. We would still refund or credit you by your preference.  


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