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Combining Turkeys & Chickens?

We do not recommend mixing different types fowl together such as Turkey and Chickens, due to various reasons. Each have their own nutritional need as we have compared below. Also, with different types of fowl there can be housing stress between the two varieties. We recommend that turkeys and chickens do not share the same brooder or coop and if possible that you not raise them on the same property. If on the same property it's best that they do not share the same range or be down wind to one another.

The reason being that even though there are some flock owners that have raised chickens and turkeys on the same property without issue for years: Chickens can be more resilient to some diseases which turkeys may be more susceptible to. For example Chickens are more resilient to Blackhead that while they would still be effected by the disease it may take them longer to show symptom than Turkeys would. Blackhead is a contracted parasite that is ingested in the ova of ;worms or as larvae in earthworms or feces. Overall, practice good husbandry and research the best option for your particular set up. If you would have further questions please feel free to reference our related articles or contact us, as we are always happy to help.

Nutritional Recommendation Comparison: 

Chicks: 0-7 Weeks of Age - 20% protein Medicated Chick Starter
8-15 Weeks of Age - 15% Pullet Grower (Non-Medicated)
16+ Weeks of Age - 16% Protein Layer Mash (Non-Medicated)

Turkeys: 0-5 Weeks of Age - 27% Protein Turkey Starter
5-Processing Time - Turkey Grower/Finisher 23% protein

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