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Ranger Broiler Meat Chickens

All of the Ranger Broiler Meat Chickens offered by Meyer Hatchery are excellent for a free range or a pastured environment. You can expect competitive growth rates and high-quality meat with exceptional flavor from any of the three varieties. All varieties of Ranger Broilers will have many variations in feather patterning within each type.

Black Ranger Broilers have Black Australorp in their heritage. This gives these birds black legs and beaks and white skin, making them a top pick for many niche markets. Feather patterns can range from solid black, to black with white, black with red, black with brown and variations in between. You can expect these birds to reach 5 to 6 pounds in 11 to 13 weeks. 

Gray Ranger Broilers have Barred Rock and Speckled Sussex in their heritage. You can expect these meat chickens to grow to 5 to 6 pounds in just 9 to 11 weeks. They will have yellow legs, white skin, and tender, flavorful meat. Some of the Gray Ranger Broilers will have a black and white barred feather pattern while others will have red and black. 

Rainbow Ranger Broilers will reach 5 to 6 pounds in just 9 to 11 weeks. Again, ideal for pasture and free range environments, these meat chickens will have red and white barring, all red feathers, or somewhere in between with yellow legs and white skin. 

Brood your Ranger Broilers for 3-4 weeks, starting at 95 degrees, decreasing by 5 degrees each week. At that point, they will be fully feathered out and ready for your pasture. 

A vitamin supplement, such as Vital Pack Plus, is an excellent supplement choice for the life of the birds. Ranger Broilers can occasionally have leg issues but is nearly always related to a deficiency in the diet. Vitamins will typically rectify any issues within 24 to 48-hours. 

Your Ranger Broilers will dress out at approximately 68-70% of live weight.

Feeding Schedule: 
Age 1 day to 3 weeks, feed your broiler chicks a 21 - 22% protein chick starter. 
From 3 to 7 weeks, decrease your protein to 18 - 19% with a grower formula. 
From 8 weeks to processing, reduce protein to 16 - 17% feeding a finisher formula.

Feed Conversion Rates
2.5 pounds feed per pound of live weight if processed at 8 to 9 weeks.
2.7-2.8 pounds of feed per pound of live weight if processed at 10-11 weeks. 

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