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Swan FAQs

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 08:21PM EDT

Swan FAQs

How are swans shipped?
Swans are shipped via airline cargo. They will arrive in either a large molded pet carrier or crate. They will be put on the airline early in the morning, and arrive at their destination the same day, typically late afternoon to evening. You will need to pick your swans up directly from the airport. Please bring your identification as the airline will likely check to make sure they are releasing the cargo to the correct person. Please let us know your nearest airport for us to arrange shipment. 

We can verify cargo availability at your local airport here:
We can also ship swans via USPS Priority Mail Express, however, your swans would be in transit for 1-2 days. We prefer airline cargo due to the speed and efficiency, as well as being climate controlled year round.

How do I introduce my swans?
Swans can be put immediately on the water any time of day. They know to stick to the water for safety and will make themselves comfortable. 

Will my swans fly away?
Your swans will be pinioned and they will not be able to fly away. Swans can walk, however, so erecting a 3’ fence around your property will prevent them from walking off. 

I live in a very cold area, can I have swans here?
Swans actually love the cold, with the exception of the Australian Black swan. You will need to supplement their food with a commercial waterfowl feed and greens. You will also need to put a bubbler in place in your water source to keep a portion of it unfrozen for them. 

I live in a very warm area, can I have swans here?
Yes! All swans can live in warmer climates, however, the Australian Black is most adapted for warmer climates due to their native Australian habitat

How much water does a swan need?
The bigger the better, but at a minimum, a 1/4-acre pond that is at least 2-3 foot deep is recommended. 

What do swans eat?
Swans eat vegetation in and around the pond, as well as tadpoles and insects. You can also supplement any type of greens (grasses or produce) as well as a commercial waterfowl feed. We also recommend cracked corn as a supplemental food because of it's Vitamin A content, which is an essential vitamin for the swans neurological health. 

What predators do I need to protect my swans from?
Snapping turtles in the water will prevent swans from entering the water. You will also need to keep them safe from foxes and minks. 

What is the proper name for swans of different genders and ages? 
A male swan is called a Cob, females are called a Pen, and babies are called Cygnets. 

Can I own a swan where I live? 
The only known restrictions at this time are White Mute Swans; they are considered an invasive species and are not allowed in the states of California, Oregon, New York, and Maryland. 

How old are my swans?
Cygnets are birth to 1 year. Yearling White Mute and Australian Black Swans are considered yearling from age 1 year to about 18 months, at which point they are then considered breeder age. Trumpeter and Whooper Swans are considered yearlings from 1-3 years, and breeder age is 3+ years. 

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