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Raising Chickens from 8 Weeks and Up

Ranger Broiler Meat Chickens

All of the Ranger Broiler Meat Chickens offered by Meyer Hatchery are excellent for a free range or a pastured environment. You can expect competitive growth rates and high-quality meat with exceptional flavor ...

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Breed Characteristics (Rate of Maturity)

You may notice in each breed description we have listed a "Matures" characteristic. While breeds do have a general range of rate of maturity: environment and nutritional care can effect the maturity rate for si...

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Broody Hens (To Encourage or Discourage)

Working with Broody Hens It can be a wonderful or unfortunate characteristic to you. If you are looking for a consistent egg production, then a broody hen can be problematic in the sense that you would not h...

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Raising Chicks/Chickens During Autumn

Raising Chicks/Chickens during Autumn Fall is in the air, from leaves turning, and all things pumpkin spice: this time of year always inspires change. You may have been thinking about getting chicks for a ...

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Do I need a Rooster?

Roosters are a great way to have a watchful eye on your hens and ensure that your hen's eggs will be fertile. However, hens will still lay eggs without the presence of a rooster, though those eggs will not be f...

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How to identify a juvenile cockerel from a pullet

Many breeds can be quickly gender identified by the different size combs, feathering color patterns and other features; However, the most accurate features in determining gender across most of the chicken breed...

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