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Coops, Runs, and Other Poultry Housing

What size should my Roost area be?

Roosts are recommended for laying flocks and need an allowance of about 6-8 inches of space per chicken. Rounded roosts help prevent frost bite and the recommended diameter would be 1.5-2 inches (about the size...

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How often should the coop be cleaned?

Coop conditions should be observed daily but you can clean them once 1-2 weeks. Pay close attention to ammonia smells because this can cause respiratory and other issues in your flock. Deep cleanings should be ...

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How many nest boxes do I need?

This is a great question to have when going to purchase or build a coop. About 7 hens will share 1 nest box. Sometimes a small flock will favor one nest box, but it is always good to make sure to have an extra ...

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How big should my coop be?

This is the most popular question when it comes to purchasing or building a coop. There are a few things you would need to consider and ask yourself (and those who may be involved in deciding on the flock): Ho...

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Chicken Guard Automatic Door Opener

Have you ever had important errands to run but needed to make arrangements for your chickens to be secured back in their coop by a certain time? Or needed to leave before sun rise and let your chickens out a li...

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