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Poultry Health and Wellness

Do you recommend the Marek's Vaccination?

Yes, we do highly recommend vaccinating for Marek's Disease due to it being highly contagious between poultry and wild birds, as well as being spread from one contaminated area to another; even visitors to your...

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Avian Influenza: The Facts

With the concern of Avian Influenza, we would like to offer suggestions for protecting your flock and address some concerns you may have. Quick Points As of 2015-2016 Avian Influenza has not yet been report...

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Leg Band Size Chart

Leg Band Size Chart Please use the following chart as a guideline when ordering leg bands for your poultry. Remember, this is only a guide, Meyer Hatchery recommends measuring the diameter of your bird's leg t...

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Poultry Feed Guide

Poultry Feed Guide Egg Laying Chickens and Bantams Age Food Water Grit Calcium Treats Hatch - 8 Weeks Chick Starter 18-20% protein Room temperature with Vital Pack Chick sized grit - if feeding an...

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