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Raising Waterfowl

Identification of Day Old Ducklings

Identification Color Chart for Day-old Ducklings If your birds were sexed and identified with colored bands, remove the bands within three days. Females will have their band on the left leg, males on the righ...

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Duckling Care

Duckling Care: -Once you receive your ducklings be sure to introduce them to their brooder, dip their beaks gently in the water and tip back their bill to cause them to take a drink, they will now know where th...

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Identification of Day Old Goslings

Identification Color Chart for Day-old Goslings table { border-collapse:collapse; border:1px solid #FF0000; } table td{ border:1px solid #000000; } Goose Breed Day-Old Gosling Colors Bro...

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Wild Duck FAQs

Wild Duck FAQs How are wild ducks shipped? - Wild ducks are shipped via USPS Priority mail express. They will ship weekly on Wednesdays and arrive typically in 1-2 days. Pick your birds up promptly from th...

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Swan FAQs

Swan FAQs How are swans shipped? - Swans are shipped USPS Priority Mail Express in a special avian box. They will arrive in 1-2 days at your local post office, where you will pick them up. How do I intro...

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