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Eggless in Longmont

Christy Roling — Nov 17, 2017 11:29AM EST

Any advice for a desperate hen owner. After molting season every chicken quit laying. I’ve disinfected everything. I give them more than enough protein. I’ve used decoy eggs in their nests. Any advice?

1 Community Answers

Marie N - Nov 17, 2017 at 11:52AM EST

Meyer Hatchery Customer Service

Hi Christy. Thanks for your question. This time of the year, the #1 reason that hens do not begin to lay following their molt is because of the shorter day length. If your hens have gone through their first molt, I’m guessing that they are at least about a year and a half old. At this age, they will molt and then take a rest from laying eggs until the day length gets longer (after Dec 21 here in the northern hemisphere). Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t cold temperatures that stop chickens from laying, it’s the day length. You can try supplementing their daytime by adding a low wattage lamp on a timer in the coop. The lamp should be set to come on early in the morning for a few hours instead of in the evening. Adding light in the evening will mean the chickens are plunged suddenly into total darkness when the time turns off and may cause them to panic. Hope this helps you!

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